Familiar places and faces – Almunecar & the Hotel Bahia Tropical

Our look at familiar places and faces continues to crisscross Europe, heading over 2000 miles west from Cyprus to southern Spain, to meet the always friendly and ever efficient Christine, Sales Manager of Bahia Hotels.  Both hotels in the group are situated in Almunecar on the aptly named ‘Costa Tropical’ providing a popular and well-located holiday base for many hundreds of Preferred Travel Services clients whilst discovering Eastern Andalucia.

Since early 2012 our holidaymakers have arrived at Malaga airport and travelled east along the coast, away from the mass market resorts of the Costa del Sol, to find a spectacular coastline, an ideal climate and fascinating culture and history in and around Almunecar. The landscapes are lush and green, benefiting from the streams and rivers which flow down from the mountain peaks of the Sierra Nevada. These waterways carve valleys into the sea and in Almunecar you will find a whole series of beaches and coves. Founded by the Phoenicians around 800BC, the city was also an important port in the Roman era and there is a Roman fish-salting factory and aqueduct as well as a Moorish castle. A spectacular 90-minute drive into the mountains takes you to the mighty city of Granada where the last Moorish fortress surrendered to the Christian Monarchs in 1492 after 700 years of Muslim rule.

To round off our look at the Costa Tropical, Almunecar and its favourite hotel Sales Manager we thought we would ask our long-standing contact, the eternally helpful, Christine to give a little insight about herself and life in Almunecar as well as ask some of the (very) loosely travel related questions we’d not quite got around to in the last 8 years!

My name is Christine, I am from Germany but have been living for the past 19 years in Spain, always in Andalucia, the warm South of Spain. Just like nearly all people from Northern European countries, I enjoy the sun and a warm climate, and this is what Almuñécar offers all year round. Nearly every day of the year I can spend outdoor and I love walking along the beach promenade or some biking in the valleys in the surroundings of the village and of course, having an after work glass of wine in one of the beach bars observing the stunning sunsets. Other hobbies are orienteering, reading and …..travelling.

Due to my father’s job (he worked for a multinational company) I used to travel and live in foreign countries since I was a small child. So it was no surprise to my parents when I told them that I wanted to work in the hotel business. So I first did my apprenticeship in a hotel and then I studied tourism in Munich.

As I said, I love travelling and have been to more than 30 countries and I hope there are still many more to come.

In 2001, because of love I moved to Spain ….. my love for the country J.

The last 6 years I have been working as a sales manager for the hotels Bahia Tropical and Bahia Almuñécar at the Costa Tropical in Andalucia. So I am the contact person in the hotel Bahia Tropical for Preferred Travel Services and their clients.

It would be a pleasure to welcome you to Almuñécar on one of the trips organized by Preferred Travel Services.

Stay safe and sane and hasta pronto !!

Question: Have you read a book that has made you want to travel to its setting?

Answer: I always wanted to see Rome and Angels & Demons from Dan Brown made me want to travel there even more. Finally, I have been to Rome in 2012.


Question: What item can’t you travel without?

Answer: A comfortable pair of sneakers (so you can explore the site you are travelling to) and a mobile phone with decent camera


Question: What’s your signature dish to cook at home?

Answer: Thai Chicken with vegetables in peanut sauce and Basmati rice


Question: Where do you go to on holiday?

Answer: Preferably I stay in Spain, in some part of Andalucia or I go to the north, to Galicia and Asturias


Question: If you could have just 1 holiday. Would you use it to return to a favourite place or decide to try somewhere/thing new?

Answer: Difficult question but I believe I would try something new. There are so many places in the world worth visiting.


Question: Would you choose the window or aisle seat on a plane?

Answer: Definitely the window seat, is there anything nicer than looking at the landscape from above?


Question: If you could time travel, would you go back into the past or head into the future and why?

Answer: I would head into the future because of curiosity. It is intriguing what the future can bring us. I would like to see how the way of life is in the future.


Question: If you appeared on a quiz show what would be your specialist subject?

Answer: Song texts, I remember quite a lot J


Question: Do you have a favourite city break destination?

Answer: Seville in Spain and Berlin in Germany


Question: What is your favourite mode of transport?

Answer: For shorter distances my motor scooter. For holidays the car and airplane


Question: What 3 famous people, dead or alive, would you invite to a dinner party?

Answer: J.K. Rowling, Sigmund Freud, Martin Luther King


Question: What’s at the very top of your bucket list?

Answer: To visit New York during Christmas time with my adult daughter, this is on our list “things to do”


Question: Which nation’s cuisine do you enjoy the most?

Answer: I really like the Mediterranean cuisine with its fresh fish, tasty tomatoes and virgin olive oil for example. The raw material is what it is all about.


Question: Who is your favourite James Bond actor?


Almunecar and the stunning Eastern Andalucia region can be enjoyed on our ‘Andalucia’s Eastern Coast – Granada & Almeria’ and ‘Walking – Andalucia’s Eastern Coast ’ itineraries.