Andalucia’s Eastern Coast, Granada & Almeria

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Granada was the last city to be re-conquered by the Catholic Kings in 1492 and Spain’s Moorish legacy is nowhere more evident than in Granada and its province. On this holiday, not only will you visit the Alhambra complex in Granada, but also the city of Almeria. Your base is the coastal city of Almunecar. This is a city whose Phoenician, Roman and Moorish past is still much in evidence. The wonderful sub-tropical climate will help you enjoy the city’s rich artistic and cultural heritage as well as the pretty historic centre. In and around Almunecar the sierras plunge spectacularly into the sea and you will find no less than 25 beaches and coves within the boundary of the municipality.

Extend your holiday – extra week’s stay available in resort.

Andalucia’s Eastern Coast, Granada & Almeria

Past Customer Satisfaction Score for this holiday* - 95%
* as measured from holiday questionnaires - see FAQ for details

  • 7 nights hb in Almunecar, with one entrance free of charge to the hotel’s spa centre
  • Visit to Granada and the Alhambra
  • Tour along the Costa Tropical to Almeria

Day One: Flight to Malaga and transfer to your hotel (55 miles) in Almunecar on the beach east of the city for seven nights half board accommodation.

Days Two to Seven: During your stay there are two included full day excursions. The first is to the wonderful city of Granada just 45 miles away. There is surely no more spectacular setting than Granada, whose extraordinary Alhambra complex is dominated by the snow-capped peaks of the Sierra Nevada. A local guide will ensure you make the most of your visit of the Alhambra and the Generalife Gardens. (Please note that, due to restrictions on group visits, the Nasrid Palaces part of the complex may not be included in the visit.)  As well as visiting the complex with its richly decorated palaces and luxuriant gardens, you will also have plenty of time to see some of the city’s other attractions such as the cathedral and the old Moorish quarter of Albaicin, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site together with the Alhambra and the Generalife.

The second excursion is a trip along the east coast to see the ancient city of Almeria (80 miles away by motorway). Almeria also has Phoenician and Roman origins and one of the greatest citadels ever built by the Moors as well as an unusual fortified cathedral constructed as defence against pirate attacks. The whitewashed walls of the old town have the unmistakable Al-Andalus atmosphere.

The rest of your time is free to enjoy Almunecar. You can visit the Arab fortress built on top of a Roman castle or stroll through the delightful botanical gardens of Majuelo Park where there is a huge collection of tropical and subtropical plants, bushes and trees as well as the remains of the Roman fish-salting pits. Other attractions include the exotic bird park and the network of defensive towers built by the Moors and later strengthened in the 18th century as defence against British raids. Or just stroll through the busy commercial district in the old centre where you can admire the city’s monuments – look out for the plaque dedicated to Laurie Lee who spent time here during and after the Civil War. There will also be the chance to join an optional excursion to Nerja with its magnificent Balcon de Europa and its nearby famous caves – an enormous cavern reminiscent of an underground cathedral featuring stalactites, stalagmites and wonderful rock formations and the white-painted, hill-top village of Frigiliana.

Day Eight: Free time until your transfer to the airport and your return flight.

Extend your holiday – extra week’s stay available in resort.

A Walking Holiday in this area is also available. Details elsewhere on our website and in our Walking Holidays brochure.


Andalucia’s Eastern Coast, Granada & Almeria

Past Customer Satisfaction Score for this holiday* - 95%
* as measured from holiday questionnaires - see FAQ for details

HOTEL BAHIA TROPICAL ****, Taramay, Almunecar (seven nights)
The hotel is situated on the small Pozuelo beach in Taramay on the eastern edge of Almunecar, 3 km from the city centre. There is a frequent, cheap bus service to town if you do not want to take the extremely pleasant walk along the seafront. Its spacious rooms all have bath and wc, minibar, balcony or terrace, satellite tv, safe (chargeable) and hairdryer. The restaurant serves buffet style food and there is a bar with entertainment on most nights. The hotel has a large outdoor pool and a spa. One entrance to the spa is included during your stay (one hour use to include active pool with water massages, sauna, Turkish bath, pediluvium and sensation shower). Health and body treatments are also available at extra cost. (
Past Customer Satisfaction Score for this hotel* - 86%
*as measured from holiday questionnaires - see FAQ for details
Escorted Holiday - Andalucia’s Eastern Coast, Granada & Almeria
Holiday code: 7GAE
Supplements per person:
Single Room: £120
Extra week: £210 - £260
Supplements on some holidays vary by departure date - the applicable price will be shown when booking.

Fly FromDateDaysAirlineDep.Rtn.AvailabilityPriceFly ToSingle

AberdeenThu 12/09/20198Ryanair09150850Fully Booked809Malaga120 (on request)0ABZ17GAEH6

AberdeenThu 03/10/20198Ryanair09150850Last few places759Malaga120 (on request)2ABZ17GAEH7

Belfast IntlThu 12/09/20198Easyjet06001255Fully Booked749Malaga120 (on request)0BFS17GAEH6

Belfast IntlThu 03/10/20198Easyjet06001255Last few places699Malaga120 (on request)2BFS17GAEH7

Belfast IntlSat 02/11/20198Ryanair16402325Places Available639Malaga120 (on request)35BFS17GAEH8

Belfast IntlSat 09/11/20198Ryanair16402325Places Available599Malaga12046BFS17GAEH9

Belfast IntlSat 22/02/20208Ryanair16402325Places Available639Malaga12045BFS17GAEI1

Belfast IntlSat 14/03/20208Ryanair16402325Places Available679Malaga120 (on request)41BFS17GAEI2

BirminghamThu 12/09/20198Ryanair12201845Fully Booked749Malaga120 (on request)0BHX17GAEH6

BirminghamThu 03/10/20198Ryanair12101845Last few places699Malaga120 (on request)2BHX17GAEH7

BirminghamSat 02/11/20198Ryanair10100945Places Available639Malaga120 (on request)35BHX17GAEH8

BirminghamSat 09/11/20198Ryanair10100945Places Available599Malaga12046BHX17GAEH9

BirminghamSat 22/02/20208Ryanair10100945Places Available639Malaga12045BHX17GAEI1

BirminghamSat 14/03/20208Ryanair10100945Places Available679Malaga120 (on request)41BHX17GAEI2

BristolThu 12/09/20198Easyjet06051205Fully Booked749Malaga120 (on request)0BRS17GAEH6

BristolThu 03/10/20198Easyjet06051205Last few places699Malaga120 (on request)2BRS17GAEH7

BristolSat 02/11/20198Easyjet06051210Places Available639Malaga120 (on request)35BRS17GAEH8

BristolSat 09/11/20198Easyjet06051210Places Available599Malaga12046BRS17GAEH9

BristolSat 22/02/20208Easyjet06051210Places Available639Malaga12045BRS17GAEI1

BristolSat 14/03/20208Easyjet06051210Places Available679Malaga120 (on request)41BRS17GAEI2

CardiffThu 12/09/20198Vueling08550815Fully Booked749Malaga120 (on request)0CWL17GAEH6

CardiffThu 03/10/20198Vueling08550815Last few places699Malaga120 (on request)2CWL17GAEH7

CardiffSat 02/11/20198Vueling08550815Places Available639Malaga120 (on request)35CWL17GAEH8

CardiffSat 09/11/20198Vueling08550815Places Available599Malaga12046CWL17GAEH9

CardiffSat 22/02/20208Vueling08550815Places Available639Malaga12045CWL17GAEI1

CardiffSat 14/03/20208Vueling08550815Places Available679Malaga120 (on request)41CWL17GAEI2

Doncaster ShefSun 03/11/20198Thomson06001255Places Available679Malaga120 (on request)35DSA17GAEH8

Doncaster ShefSun 10/11/20198Thomson06001255Places Available639Malaga12046DSA17GAEH9

Doncaster ShefSun 23/02/20208Thomson06001255Places Available679Malaga12045DSA17GAEI1

Doncaster ShefSun 15/03/20208Thomson06001255Places Available719Malaga120 (on request)41DSA17GAEI2

DublinThu 12/09/20198Ryanair07201420Fully Booked749Malaga120 (on request)0DUB17GAEH6

DublinThu 03/10/20198Ryanair07201420Last few places699Malaga120 (on request)2DUB17GAEH7

DublinSat 02/11/20198Ryanair10351010Places Available639Malaga120 (on request)35DUB17GAEH8

DublinSat 09/11/20198Ryanair10351010Places Available599Malaga12046DUB17GAEH9

DublinSat 22/02/20208Ryanair10351010Places Available639Malaga12045DUB17GAEI1

DublinSat 14/03/20208Ryanair10351010Places Available679Malaga120 (on request)41DUB17GAEI2

East MidlandsThu 12/09/20198Jet207351430Fully Booked789Malaga120 (on request)0EMA17GAEH6

East MidlandsThu 03/10/20198Jet207351430Last few places739Malaga120 (on request)2EMA17GAEH7

East MidlandsSat 02/11/20198Jet207001345Places Available679Malaga120 (on request)35EMA17GAEH8

East MidlandsSat 09/11/20198Jet207001345Places Available639Malaga12046EMA17GAEH9

East MidlandsSat 22/02/20208Jet207001345Places Available679Malaga12045EMA17GAEI1

East MidlandsSat 14/03/20208Jet207001345Places Available719Malaga120 (on request)41EMA17GAEI2

EdinburghThu 12/09/20198Jet206351425Fully Booked789Malaga120 (on request)0EDI17GAEH6

EdinburghThu 03/10/20198Ryanair16402355Last few places699Malaga120 (on request)2EDI27GAEH7

EdinburghSat 02/11/20198Ryanair06251345Places Available639Malaga120 (on request)35EDI17GAEH8

EdinburghSat 09/11/20198Ryanair06251345Places Available599Malaga12046EDI17GAEH9

EdinburghSun 23/02/20208Ryanair15052225Places Available639Malaga12045EDI17GAEI1

EdinburghSun 15/03/20208Ryanair15052225Places Available679Malaga120 (on request)41EDI17GAEI2

ExeterThu 12/09/20198Flybe07252355Fully Booked809Malaga120 (on request)0EXT17GAEH6

ExeterThu 03/10/20198Flybe07252340Last few places759Malaga120 (on request)2EXT17GAEH7

ExeterSun 03/11/20198Ryanair10000935Places Available639Malaga120 (on request)35EXT17GAEH8

ExeterSun 10/11/20198Ryanair10000935Places Available599Malaga12046EXT17GAEH9

ExeterSun 23/02/20208Ryanair10000935Places Available639Malaga12045EXT17GAEI1

GlasgowThu 12/09/20198Easyjet17000015Fully Booked749Malaga120 (on request)0GLA17GAEH6

GlasgowThu 03/10/20198Easyjet17000015Last few places699Malaga120 (on request)2GLA17GAEH7

GlasgowSun 03/11/20198Easyjet07001425Places Available639Malaga120 (on request)35GLA17GAEH8

GlasgowSun 10/11/20198Easyjet07001425Places Available599Malaga12046GLA17GAEH9

GlasgowSun 23/02/20208Easyjet07001425Places Available639Malaga12045GLA17GAEI1

GlasgowSun 15/03/20208Easyjet07001425Places Available679Malaga120 (on request)41GLA17GAEI2

Leeds-BradfordThu 12/09/20198Jet216402340Fully Booked789Malaga120 (on request)0LBA27GAEH6

Leeds-BradfordThu 03/10/20198Jet207001415Last few places739Malaga120 (on request)2LBA17GAEH7

Leeds-BradfordSat 02/11/20198Jet207001415Places Available679Malaga120 (on request)35LBA17GAEH8

Leeds-BradfordSat 09/11/20198Jet207001415Places Available639Malaga12046LBA17GAEH9

Leeds-BradfordSat 22/02/20208Jet214552220Places Available679Malaga12045LBA17GAEI1

Leeds-BradfordSat 14/03/20208Jet214552220Places Available719Malaga120 (on request)41LBA17GAEI2

LiverpoolThu 12/09/20198Easyjet06001230Fully Booked749Malaga120 (on request)0LPL17GAEH6

LiverpoolThu 03/10/20198Easyjet06001230Last few places699Malaga120 (on request)2LPL17GAEH7

LiverpoolSat 02/11/20198Easyjet06301310Places Available639Malaga120 (on request)35LPL17GAEH8

LiverpoolSat 09/11/20198Easyjet06301310Places Available599Malaga12046LPL17GAEH9

LiverpoolSat 22/02/20208Easyjet06301310Places Available639Malaga12045LPL17GAEI1

LiverpoolSat 14/03/20208Easyjet06301310Places Available679Malaga120 (on request)41LPL17GAEI2

London GatwickThu 12/09/20198Easyjet12151845Fully Booked749Malaga120 (on request)0LGW17GAEH6

London GatwickThu 03/10/20198Easyjet12151845Last few places699Malaga120 (on request)2LGW17GAEH7

London GatwickSat 02/11/20198Easyjet09301555Places Available639Malaga120 (on request)35LGW17GAEH8

London GatwickSat 09/11/20198Easyjet09301555Places Available599Malaga12046LGW17GAEH9

London GatwickSat 22/02/20208Easyjet09301555Places Available639Malaga12045LGW17GAEI1

London GatwickSat 14/03/20208Easyjet09301555Places Available679Malaga120 (on request)41LGW17GAEI2

LutonThu 12/09/20198Easyjet12551910Fully Booked749Malaga120 (on request)0LTN17GAEH6

LutonThu 03/10/20198Easyjet12551910Last few places699Malaga120 (on request)2LTN17GAEH7

LutonSat 02/11/20198Easyjet14451430Places Available639Malaga120 (on request)35LTN17GAEH8

LutonSat 09/11/20198Easyjet14451430Places Available599Malaga12046LTN17GAEH9

LutonSat 22/02/20208Easyjet14451430Places Available639Malaga12045LTN17GAEI1

LutonSat 14/03/20208Easyjet14451430Places Available679Malaga120 (on request)41LTN17GAEI2

ManchesterThu 12/09/20198Ryanair10001930Fully Booked749Malaga120 (on request)0MAN17GAEH6

ManchesterThu 03/10/20198Easyjet06101255Last few places699Malaga120 (on request)2MAN17GAEH7

ManchesterSat 02/11/20198Easyjet07051355Places Available639Malaga120 (on request)35MAN17GAEH8

ManchesterSat 09/11/20198Easyjet07051355Places Available599Malaga12046MAN17GAEH9

ManchesterSat 22/02/20208Easyjet07051320Places Available639Malaga12045MAN17GAEI1

ManchesterSat 14/03/20208Easyjet07051320Places Available679Malaga120 (on request)41MAN17GAEI2

NewcastleThu 12/09/20198Easyjet07001405Fully Booked749Malaga120 (on request)0NCL17GAEH6

NewcastleThu 03/10/20198Easyjet07001405Last few places699Malaga120 (on request)2NCL17GAEH7

NewcastleSat 02/11/20198Easyjet06301345Places Available639Malaga120 (on request)35NCL17GAEH8

NewcastleSat 09/11/20198Easyjet06301345Places Available599Malaga12046NCL17GAEH9

NewcastleSat 22/02/20208Easyjet06301345Places Available639Malaga12045NCL17GAEI1

NewcastleSat 14/03/20208Easyjet06301345Places Available679Malaga120 (on request)41NCL17GAEI2

PrestwickThu 12/09/20198Ryanair07001405Fully Booked749Malaga120 (on request)0PIK17GAEH6

PrestwickThu 03/10/20198Ryanair06051310Last few places699Malaga120 (on request)2PIK17GAEH7

PrestwickSun 03/11/20198Ryanair16402345Places Available639Malaga120 (on request)35PIK17GAEH8

PrestwickSun 10/11/20198Ryanair16402345Places Available599Malaga12046PIK17GAEH9

PrestwickSun 23/02/20208Ryanair16402345Places Available639Malaga12045PIK17GAEI1

PrestwickSun 15/03/20208Ryanair16402345Places Available679Malaga120 (on request)41PIK17GAEI2

SouthendThu 12/09/20198Easyjet16452300Fully Booked749Malaga120 (on request)0SEN17GAEH6

SouthendThu 03/10/20198Easyjet16452300Last few places699Malaga120 (on request)2SEN17GAEH7

SouthendSat 02/11/20198Easyjet14002030Places Available639Malaga120 (on request)35SEN17GAEH8

SouthendSat 09/11/20198Easyjet14002030Places Available599Malaga12046SEN17GAEH9

SouthendSun 23/02/20208Easyjet06301300Places Available639Malaga12045SEN17GAEI1

SouthendSun 15/03/20208Easyjet06301300Places Available679Malaga120 (on request)41SEN17GAEI2

StanstedThu 12/09/20198Easyjet06051230Fully Booked749Malaga120 (on request)0STN17GAEH6

StanstedThu 03/10/20198Easyjet06051230Last few places699Malaga120 (on request)2STN17GAEH7

StanstedSat 02/11/20198Easyjet14002030Places Available639Malaga120 (on request)35STN17GAEH8

StanstedSat 09/11/20198Easyjet14002030Places Available599Malaga12046STN17GAEH9

StanstedSat 22/02/20208Easyjet14002030Places Available639Malaga12045STN17GAEI1

StanstedSat 14/03/20208Easyjet14002030Places Available679Malaga120 (on request)41STN17GAEI2

Prices shown include carriage of one piece of hold luggage per person (maximum size and weights vary). Prices include return transfers between airport and hotel and are based on the shared occupancy of twin/double standard rooms. Please refer to 'Accommodation' for details of any room supplements (including single rooms) and extended stay costs that apply to this holiday. All flight details are provisional and subject to confirmation when known. All holidays are subject to minimum numbers and are subject to availability. Further details in our FAQ.

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We enjoyed this holiday very much indeed. Our hotel room was large and airy with plenty of storage and an excellent bathroom. The standard of cleanliness throughout, including the pool was very high. The excursions were first rate and the resort itself, greatly enhanced by the talents of our tour director Manuel. His tremendous local knowledge, friendly manner and excellent command of English meant that we learned so much about this lovely part of Spain. All in all, a brilliant holiday and great value for money. Hope to join another tour soon!

Mrs F, Preston

We have just returned from a holiday with Preferred Travel Services to Andalucia’s Eastern Coast and it was terrific! The guide was super both guiding and allowing time to explore. The hotel was great and the trips. This was our second trip with Preferred Travel and we would unhesitatingly recommend them.

Mrs B, Edinburgh

This holiday was beyond all my expectations. All the excursions were worthwhile. The Tour Guide’s impeccable language and exceptional narrative skills brought the rich historical legacy of Andalucia vividly to life.

Mrs H, Bristol

An enjoyable holiday. From being met, transported and looked after it was a great experience. I would also like to pay great appreciation to the tour guide who was excellent and added greatly to the holiday. His experience, his fluency, and indeed his lovely sense of humour contributed so much to our week and I feel he is a great addition to Preferred Travel Services. The coach driver was also very efficient, courteous and helpful. They are great ambassadors and I will be perusing the Preferred Travel Services brochure when I next feel the need of a holiday.

Mrs W, Northern Ireland

My Sister and I recently enjoyed a holiday with Preferred Travel. The holiday was a complete success thanks to the organisation and the company of Manuel the tour guide. He was a lovely friendly local man, who was excellent with all the guests. Thank you.

Mrs B. A., Devon

Spent a really wonderful week at the Hotel Bahia Tropical in Almunecar and would like to thank Preferred Travel Services for providing such a memorable destination. The Hotel Bahia Tropical commands a lovely position on the bay and provides excellent facilities with comfortable, well appointed rooms, spotlessly clean and excellent varied food. An excellent find. Our guide Manuel played his part in ensuring the success of the holiday. His extremely pleasant, friendly character and in depth knowledge of the area certainly enhances the enjoyment of the holiday. I would have no hesitation in recommending this holiday to others.

Miss C, Lancs.

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Andalucia’s Eastern Coast, Granada & Almeria