Lake Maggiore

8 Days from £969 | May, July, September, October 969

This holiday includes a week on Lago Maggiore, Italy’s second largest lake, which stretches north from Lombardy and up into Switzerland. It lies, sheltered, on the south side of the Alps, making for a mild climate and consequent lush vegetation, with Mediterranean and exotic flora, including azaleas, rhododendrons and camellias. Maggiore is, in our view, much more scenic than, for example, the much larger Lake Garda to the East.

Lake Maggiore

Past Customer Satisfaction Score for this holiday* - 83%
* as measured from holiday questionnaires - see FAQ for details

  • 7 nights hb in Stresa
  • Three guided walks in the wonderful lakeland scenery
  • Train and boat trips to access walks

DAY ONE: Flight to Milan, transfer to your hotel on Lake Maggiore for seven nights half board accommodation. Transfer times from Malpensa, Linate and Bergamo are 30 minutes, 1 hour and 1 hour 30 minutes respectively.

DAYS TWO TO SEVEN: On Lago Maggiore with 3 included walking excursions. Your base is Stresa, half-way up the lake, which was put on the 19th-century ‘Grand Tour’ map by Napoleon’s widening of the access road to the Simplon Pass – illustrious visitors came to enjoy the lakeside villas and health-giving waters. The lakeside promenade near the hotel allows for a pleasant stroll to the pretty town centre – around the main Piazza there is a good range of shops, bars, and restaurants, and from the art nouveau ‘imbarcadero’ boats and steamers traverse the lake on a regular basis (various types of tourist ticket are available).

Walk 1: Suna, the ‘Portofino of the Lake’, and Cavandone.  Across the bay lies Suna, the most evocative part of Verbania. You travel there by local bus and begin your walk through the clustered medieval village houses, linked by seemingly random arched passageways. You then follow a mule track past orchards, fine old villas, a 14th-century tower and a chapel, from where there are lovely views out over the lake towards the Borromean islands and the Alps beyond. Passing through a chestnut grove, you reach the hamlet of Cavandone, the ‘Village of Stone Carvings’, returning to Suna by a different route. 5 miles, 265m of ascent/descent.

Walk 2:  The Chestnut Route: Belgirate to Stresa.  You catch the train to Belgirate, 10 minutes away, and follow a route through the woods above the lake, climbing towards the villages of Falchetto an Passera before descending into Stresa. 5 miles, 260m of ascent/descent.

Walk 3: Colloro. You take the train to the village of Premosello Chiovenda where an old mule-track leads to the Alpine village of Colloro. Set half-way up the hill like a balcony over the Ossola Valley, Colloro is situated in the National Park of Val Grande, Italy’s largest wilderness. It is a pretty village with the typical stone houses where you’ll to see rural life today.   The villagers still have sheep and goats, grazing them on the upper pastures of Capraga. 4.5 miles, 330m ascent to the village of Colloro, though there is the possibility to lengthen the walk, adding an extra 250m ascent to reach Capraga.  This will be a full day excursion, although the actual walking time will be approximately three hours.

There may also be a fourth, optional walk. On your free days, there is lots to see. Don’t miss the magnificent Borromean Palace on Isola Bella, and the Villa Taranto, with its wonderful garden, created by the Scottish captain Neil MacEacharn. Optional coach excursions are also available.

DAY EIGHT: Free time until you depart for the airport for your flight home.

If you have friends who are not walkers interested in this itinerary, we also offer it with a touring programme.

Please note: there is a local city tax in Stresa of 2 euros per person per day. It is not included in the price of the holiday and will be payable by hotel guests directly to the hotel.


Lake Maggiore

Past Customer Satisfaction Score for this holiday* - 83%
* as measured from holiday questionnaires - see FAQ for details

HOTEL MILAN SPERANZA AU LAC ****, Stresa (seven nights)
This four-star hotel is in two adjacent buildings in the centre of  Stresa, overlooking the lake and opposite the boat station. The Speranza has a pleasant street-front café while the Milan houses the hotel restaurant. All rooms have bath or shower, wc, hairdryer and satellite tv. Lake view rooms are available at a supplement. Milan Speranza guests have use of the swimming pool at the nearby Hotel Regina Palace. (
Past Customer Satisfaction Score for this hotel* - 83%
*as measured from holiday questionnaires - see FAQ for details
Walking Holiday - Lake Maggiore
Holiday code: 7WMG
Supplements per person:
Single Room: £140
Lake View Twin/Double Room: £91
Supplements on some holidays vary by departure date - the applicable price will be shown when booking.

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AberdeenTue 14/05/20198BA via LHR11052225Places Available1129Milan Malpensa140 (on request)12ABZ17WMGF4

AberdeenWed 24/07/20198BA via LHR11051935Places Available1089Milan Malpensa14022ABZ17WMGF5

AberdeenTue 17/09/20198BA via LHR11051730Last few places1139Milan Malpensa140 (on request)8ABZ17WMGF6

AberdeenTue 08/10/20198BA via LHR11051730Places Available1089Milan Malpensa14030ABZ17WMGF7

Belfast IntlWed 24/07/20198Ryanair06301155Places Available1019Bergamo14022BFS17WMGF5

BirminghamTue 14/05/20198Flybe11101610Places Available1069Milan Malpensa140 (on request)12BHX17WMGF4

BirminghamWed 24/07/20198Flybe11101610Places Available1029Milan Malpensa14022BHX17WMGF5

BirminghamTue 17/09/20198Flybe11101610Last few places1079Milan Malpensa140 (on request)8BHX17WMGF6

BirminghamTue 08/10/20198Flybe11101610Places Available1029Milan Malpensa14030BHX17WMGF7

BristolTue 14/05/20198Ryanair20502025Places Available1059Bergamo140 (on request)12BRS17WMGF4

BristolThu 25/07/20198Ryanair12251710Places Available1019Bergamo14022BRS17WMGF5

BristolTue 17/09/20198Ryanair20502025Last few places1069Bergamo140 (on request)8BRS17WMGF6

BristolTue 08/10/20198Ryanair20500810Places Available1019Bergamo14030BRS17WMGF7

CardiffWed 24/07/20198Flybe10101500Places Available1029Milan Malpensa14022CWL17WMGF5

DublinTue 14/05/20198Ryanair06151145Places Available1059Bergamo140 (on request)12DUB17WMGF4

DublinWed 24/07/20198Ryanair06151140Places Available1019Bergamo14022DUB17WMGF5

DublinTue 17/09/20198Ryanair06151145Last few places1069Bergamo140 (on request)8DUB17WMGF6

DublinTue 08/10/20198Ryanair06151145Places Available1019Bergamo14030DUB17WMGF7

East MidlandsTue 14/05/20198Ryanair13201805Places Available1059Bergamo140 (on request)12EMA17WMGF4

East MidlandsThu 25/07/20198Ryanair18002245Places Available1019Bergamo14022EMA17WMGF5

East MidlandsTue 17/09/20198Ryanair13201805Last few places1069Bergamo140 (on request)8EMA17WMGF6

East MidlandsTue 08/10/20198Ryanair13201805Places Available1019Bergamo14030EMA17WMGF7

EdinburghTue 14/05/20198Easyjet20151945Places Available1009Milan Malpensa140 (on request)12EDI17WMGF4

EdinburghWed 24/07/20198Easyjet15251455Places Available969Milan Malpensa14022EDI17WMGF5

EdinburghTue 17/09/20198Easyjet20151945Last few places1019Milan Malpensa140 (on request)8EDI17WMGF6

EdinburghTue 08/10/20198Easyjet20151945Places Available969Milan Malpensa14030EDI17WMGF7

HeathrowTue 14/05/20198BA15051955Places Available1049Milan Malpensa140 (on request)12LHR17WMGF4

HeathrowWed 24/07/20198BA15001245Places Available1009Milan Malpensa14022LHR17WMGF5

HeathrowTue 17/09/20198BA15101245Last few places1059Milan Malpensa140 (on request)8LHR17WMGF6

HeathrowTue 08/10/20198BA15101245Places Available1009Milan Malpensa14030LHR17WMGF7

Leeds-BradfordMon 13/05/20198BA via LHR11051805Places Available1129Milan Malpensa140 (on request)12LBA17WMGF4

Leeds-BradfordMon 16/09/20198BA via LHR10001705Last few places1139Milan Malpensa140 (on request)8LBA17WMGF6

Leeds-BradfordMon 07/10/20198BA via LHR10001705Places Available1089Milan Malpensa14030LBA17WMGF7

LiverpoolTue 14/05/20198Ryanair14001335Places Available1009Milan Malpensa140 (on request)12LPL17WMGF4

LiverpoolThu 25/07/20198Ryanair13451320Places Available969Milan Malpensa14022LPL17WMGF5

LiverpoolTue 17/09/20198Ryanair14001335Last few places1019Milan Malpensa140 (on request)8LPL17WMGF6

LiverpoolTue 08/10/20198Ryanair14001335Places Available969Milan Malpensa14030LPL17WMGF7

London GatwickTue 14/05/20198Easyjet13451440Places Available1009Milan Malpensa140 (on request)12LGW17WMGF4

London GatwickWed 24/07/20198Easyjet08551310Places Available969Milan Malpensa14022LGW17WMGF5

London GatwickTue 17/09/20198Easyjet13451440Last few places1019Milan Malpensa140 (on request)8LGW17WMGF6

London GatwickTue 08/10/20198Easyjet13451440Places Available969Milan Malpensa14030LGW17WMGF7

LutonTue 14/05/20198Easyjet07201155Places Available1009Milan Malpensa140 (on request)12LTN17WMGF4

LutonWed 24/07/20198Easyjet18301800Places Available969Milan Malpensa14022LTN17WMGF5

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ManchesterTue 14/05/20198Easyjet16201545Places Available1009Milan Malpensa140 (on request)12MAN17WMGF4

ManchesterWed 24/07/20198Easyjet14401410Places Available969Milan Malpensa14022MAN17WMGF5

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ManchesterTue 08/10/20198Easyjet16551615Places Available969Milan Malpensa14030MAN17WMGF7

NewcastleTue 14/05/20198BA via LHR11451540Places Available1129Milan Malpensa140 (on request)12NCL17WMGF4

NewcastleWed 24/07/20198BA via LHR09001930Places Available1089Milan Malpensa14022NCL17WMGF5

NewcastleTue 17/09/20198BA via LHR11401555Last few places1139Milan Malpensa140 (on request)8NCL17WMGF6

NewcastleTue 08/10/20198BA via LHR11401555Places Available1089Milan Malpensa14030NCL17WMGF7

SouthendMon 13/05/20198Ryanair17352130Places Available1059Bergamo140 (on request)12SEN17WMGF4

SouthendWed 24/07/20198Ryanair17352130Places Available1019Bergamo14022SEN17WMGF5

SouthendMon 16/09/20198Ryanair08151210Last few places1069Bergamo140 (on request)8SEN17WMGF6

SouthendMon 07/10/20198Ryanair17352130Places Available1019Bergamo14030SEN17WMGF7

StanstedTue 14/05/20198Ryanair08452359Places Available1009Milan Malpensa140 (on request)12STN17WMGF4

StanstedWed 24/07/20198Ryanair08452240Places Available969Milan Malpensa14022STN17WMGF5

StanstedTue 17/09/20198Ryanair08452240Last few places1019Milan Malpensa140 (on request)8STN17WMGF6

StanstedTue 08/10/20198Ryanair08452240Places Available969Milan Malpensa14030STN17WMGF7

Prices shown include carriage of one piece of hold luggage per person (maximum size and weights vary). Prices include return transfers between airport and hotel and are based on the shared occupancy of twin/double standard rooms. Please refer to 'Accommodation' for details of any room supplements (including single rooms) and extended stay costs that apply to this holiday. All flight details are provisional and subject to confirmation when known. All holidays are subject to minimum numbers and are subject to availability. Further details in our FAQ.

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Walking guides were absolutely brilliant; so friendly, so knowledgeable and really worked hard to engage everybody. We can't praise them highly enough! Some very memorable days.

Mrs W, Cardiff

Note: this holiday has been reintroduced for 2017. Comments below arise from other holidays on the Italian Lakes.


Walking guides were exceptional.

Mrs C, Edinburgh

Overall, very good. Cannot commend walking guides too highly.

Mr M, Edinburgh

We were delighted that our second Preferred Travel Services holiday was at least, if not better than the equal of the first. We like the whole feeling of your company, from the initial contact at booking to the choice of hotels and resorts and your outstanding tour managers. Many thanks again – we look forward to the next holiday with you.

Mr & Mrs F, Cardiff

Our rep Pauline was extremely efficient, making sure we all knew the day's programme and checking on us all re: enjoyment, needs, etc. her bubbly personality warmed even the wet day.

Mrs M, Aberdeenshire

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