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Majorca is not all beaches and tacky tourist outlets. As you go to the north–eastern side of the island, Majorca undergoes a remarkable transformation; changing from high-rise apartment blocks and hotels to the calmer shores around Cala Ratjada, where your hotel is located. You are now firmly in Mallorca, with its Hispanic spelling and atmosphere, rather than in the land of its Anglo-Saxon translation! You have the chance to explore the real Mallorca from your base at the Hotel Bella Playa, just a few metres from the stunning beach of Cala Agulla.

Extend your holiday – extra week available in Cala Ratjada.


Past Customer Satisfaction Score for this holiday* - 97%
* as measured from holiday questionnaires - see FAQ for details

  • 7 nights hb in Cala Ratjada, North-East Mallorca
  • Three included walks
  • Walk directly from the hotel

DAY ONE: Flight to Palma. On arrival, you will be met at the airport and transferred to your hotel, the Bella Playa, for seven nights half board accommodation. Transfer time 50 minutes.

DAYS TWO TO SEVEN: There are three walks arranged especially for Preferred Travel Services Customers (details below). In addition, the hotel has its own programme of outings (daily except Sunday), including our featured walks and other additional activities such as a bike ride to Arta (bike hire approx £9).

Walk 1: Cala Ratjada introductory walk. You will head into the dunes of Cala Agulla, and then go around the peninsula of Cala Ratjada, via Cala Lliteras before arriving at the lighthouse, located at an altitude of 70m, and from where you can see the neighbouring island of Menorca. Then you follow the coast down to beautiful Cala Gat and on to Cala Ratjada port. The distance to here is 6 miles: the walk will finish at the port and our experience is that almost all customers will indeed be happy to finish there. However, your walking guides will assist anyone who wishes to extend the walk, by continuing in the direction of Font de Sa Cala, a further 2 miles each way.

Walk 2: The mountains of S’heretat and Sa Cove Negre hill. You head first along the coast to Na Taconera, and then cross the hills and take a stony path up to 230m in altitude, before descending to Capdepera, where there is the chance to visit the castle. 7 miles approx.

Walk 3: You head through the pine forest and cross the Es Munt Gros dunes, before going along the coast to the Punta des Boc (80m high). You will return along a cobbled path passing through Cala Molto and Cala Agulla. This walk is 11 miles long. A shorter version may also be available.

Nearby is the ascent to the Son Jaumell watchtower, 270m up – you may wish to return this way on a free day and do the climb.From Cala Ratjada there are bus services to Palma and other places on the island. Near Canyamel can be found the Arta Caves, full of amazing rock formations such as the ‘Queen of Pillars’. The caves were a place of refuge for 2,000 Arabs in 1229 when hiding from King Jaume I when the Christians conquered Mallorca.

DAY EIGHT: Free time until your departure transfer to the airport for your flight home.

Extend your holiday – extra week available in Cala Ratjada.

If you have friends who are not walkers interested in this itinerary, on some dates the hotel is featured in our Escorted Holidays brochure with a touring programme.

Please note: there is a local tourist tax in Mallorca and Menorca of 3.30 euros per person per day. It is not included in the price of the holiday and will be payable by hotel guests directly to the hotel.


Past Customer Satisfaction Score for this holiday* - 97%
* as measured from holiday questionnaires - see FAQ for details

HOTEL BELLA PLAYA ****, Cala Ratjada. (seven nights)
The hotel, on the edge of the resort, adjoins the Levante Natural Park area. All walks, therefore, start directly from the hotel. The hotel offers plenty of sporting activities (tennis courts, swimming pool, gymnasium and discounts for the nearby golf course among others) as well as well- furnished rooms (satellite tv, telephone and full bathroom). Prices are based on standard rooms. Superior rooms are available at a supplement. The hotel has an outdoor pool and a wellness centre with sauna, 2 Turkish baths and relaxation room – free of charge for hotel guests - and free wifi access on the Terrace Bar and in Reception. There is a buffet meal each night, with a huge selection of food, including local specialities (
Past Customer Satisfaction Score for this hotel* - 95%
*as measured from holiday questionnaires - see FAQ for details
Walking Holiday - Mallorca
Holiday code: 7WMA
Supplements per person:
Single Room: Apr 2021 Mar 2021 No supplement
Other Dates: £100
Superior Twin/Double Room: £40 - £44
Travel Insurance: £59.95
Travel Insurance - Extra Week: £20
Extra week: £350 - £385
Supplements on some holidays vary by departure date - the applicable price will be shown when booking.

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AberdeenThu 24/09/20208BA via LHR11051730Places Available859Palma10031ABZ17WMAM5

AberdeenThu 01/10/20208BA via LHR11051730Last few places839Palma1005ABZ17WMAM6

AberdeenThu 08/10/20208BA via LHR11051730Places Available839Palma10050ABZ17WMA94

AberdeenWed 05/05/20218BA via LHR11051730Places Available929Palma10046ABZ17WMA92

Belfast IntlThu 24/09/20208Jet207501445Places Available779Palma10031BFS17WMAM5

Belfast IntlThu 01/10/20208Jet207501445Last few places759Palma1005BFS17WMAM6

Belfast IntlThu 08/10/20208Jet207501445Places Available759Palma10050BFS17WMA94

Belfast IntlWed 05/05/20218Easyjet07251355Places Available809Palma10046BFS17WMA92

Belfast IntlWed 19/05/20218Easyjet07251355Places Available829Palma10030BFS17WMA93

BirminghamThu 24/09/20208Jet208151425Places Available779Palma10031BHX17WMAM5

BirminghamThu 01/10/20208Jet208151425Last few places759Palma1005BHX17WMAM6

BirminghamThu 08/10/20208Jet208151425Places Available759Palma10050BHX17WMA94

BirminghamFri 12/03/20218Jet207001310Places Available739Palma048BHX17WMAM7

BirminghamFri 19/03/20218Jet207001310Places Available749Palma041BHX17WMAM8

BirminghamFri 23/04/20218Jet207301325Places Available839Palma049BHX17WMA91

BirminghamFri 23/04/20218Jet207301325Places Available769Palma032BHX17WMAM9

BirminghamWed 05/05/20218Jet207301325Places Available849Palma10046BHX17WMA92

BirminghamWed 19/05/20218Ryanair17352310Places Available829Palma10030BHX17WMA93

BournemouthThu 24/09/20208Ryanair08550830Places Available739Palma10031BOH17WMAM5

BournemouthThu 01/10/20208Ryanair08550830Last few places719Palma1005BOH17WMAM6

BournemouthThu 08/10/20208Ryanair08550830Places Available719Palma10050BOH17WMA94

BournemouthFri 23/04/20218Ryanair08550830Places Available799Palma049BOH17WMA91

BournemouthFri 23/04/20218Ryanair08550830Places Available729Palma032BOH17WMAM9

BournemouthWed 05/05/20218Ryanair08550830Places Available809Palma10046BOH17WMA92

BournemouthWed 19/05/20218Ryanair08550830Places Available829Palma10030BOH17WMA93

BristolThu 24/09/20208Easyjet06051130Places Available739Palma10031BRS17WMAM5

BristolThu 01/10/20208Easyjet06051130Last few places719Palma1005BRS17WMAM6

BristolThu 08/10/20208Easyjet06051130Places Available719Palma10050BRS17WMA94

BristolThu 11/03/20218Easyjet07051235Places Available699Palma048BRS17WMAM7

BristolThu 18/03/20218Easyjet07051235Places Available709Palma041BRS17WMAM8

BristolFri 23/04/20218Easyjet06051130Places Available799Palma049BRS17WMA91

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BristolWed 05/05/20218Easyjet06051130Places Available809Palma10046BRS17WMA92

BristolWed 19/05/20218Easyjet06001130Places Available829Palma10030BRS17WMA93

CardiffThu 24/09/20208Vueling17401700Places Available739Palma10031CWL17WMAM5

CardiffThu 01/10/20208Vueling17401700Last few places719Palma1005CWL17WMAM6

CardiffThu 08/10/20208Vueling17401700Places Available719Palma10050CWL17WMA94

CardiffFri 23/04/20218Vueling17401655Places Available799Palma049CWL17WMA91

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CardiffWed 05/05/20218Vueling17151635Places Available809Palma10046CWL17WMA92

Doncaster ShefFri 12/03/20218Thomson06001235Places Available739Palma048DSA17WMAM7

Doncaster ShefFri 19/03/20218Thomson06001235Places Available749Palma041DSA17WMAM8

Doncaster ShefFri 23/04/20218Thomson06001225Places Available839Palma049DSA17WMA91

Doncaster ShefFri 23/04/20218Thomson06151250Places Available819Palma032DSA17WMAM9

Doncaster ShefWed 19/05/20218Thomson06151235Places Available869Palma10030DSA17WMA93

DublinThu 24/09/20208Ryanair17502359Places Available739Palma10031DUB17WMAM5

DublinThu 01/10/20208Ryanair17502359Last few places719Palma1005DUB17WMAM6

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East MidlandsWed 05/05/20218Ryanair07151250Places Available809Palma10046EMA17WMA92

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EdinburghThu 24/09/20208Ryanair07351420Places Available739Palma10031EDI17WMAM5

EdinburghThu 01/10/20208Ryanair07351420Last few places719Palma1005EDI17WMAM6

EdinburghThu 08/10/20208Ryanair07351420Places Available719Palma10050EDI17WMA94

EdinburghFri 12/03/20218Jet208351545Places Available739Palma048EDI17WMAM7

EdinburghFri 19/03/20218Jet208351545Places Available749Palma041EDI17WMAM8

EdinburghFri 23/04/20218Ryanair07351415Places Available799Palma049EDI17WMA91

EdinburghFri 23/04/20218Ryanair07351415Places Available729Palma032EDI17WMAM9

EdinburghWed 05/05/20218Ryanair07351420Places Available809Palma10046EDI17WMA92

EdinburghWed 19/05/20218Ryanair07351410Places Available829Palma10030EDI17WMA93

ExeterWed 19/05/20218Thomson06301200Places Available869Palma10030EXT17WMA93

GlasgowThu 24/09/20208Jet207001410Places Available779Palma10031GLA17WMAM5

GlasgowThu 01/10/20208Jet207001410Last few places759Palma1005GLA17WMAM6

GlasgowThu 08/10/20208Jet207001410Places Available759Palma10050GLA17WMA94

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GlasgowWed 19/05/20218Jet206151325Places Available869Palma10030GLA17WMA93

HeathrowThu 24/09/20208BA15451430Places Available779Palma10031LHR17WMAM5

HeathrowThu 01/10/20208BA15451430Last few places759Palma1005LHR17WMAM6

HeathrowThu 08/10/20208BA15451430Places Available759Palma10050LHR17WMA94

HeathrowFri 23/04/20218BA15502145Places Available839Palma049LHR17WMA91

HeathrowFri 23/04/20218BA15502145Places Available769Palma032LHR17WMAM9

HeathrowWed 05/05/20218BA15451430Places Available849Palma10046LHR17WMA92

Leeds-BradfordThu 24/09/20208Jet206301305Places Available779Palma10031LBA17WMAM5

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Leeds-BradfordWed 19/05/20218Ryanair09351530Places Available829Palma10030LBA17WMA93

LiverpoolThu 24/09/20208Easyjet06101205Places Available739Palma10031LPL17WMAM5

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LutonThu 11/03/20218Easyjet06501230Places Available699Palma048LTN17WMAM7

LutonThu 18/03/20218Easyjet06501230Places Available709Palma041LTN17WMAM8

LutonFri 23/04/20218Easyjet06001140Places Available799Palma049LTN17WMA91

LutonFri 23/04/20218Easyjet06001140Places Available729Palma032LTN17WMAM9

LutonWed 05/05/20218Easyjet06001140Places Available809Palma10046LTN17WMA92

LutonWed 19/05/20218Easyjet05551140Places Available829Palma10030LTN17WMA93

ManchesterThu 24/09/20208Easyjet05551200Places Available739Palma10031MAN17WMAM5

ManchesterThu 01/10/20208Easyjet05551200Last few places719Palma1005MAN17WMAM6

ManchesterThu 08/10/20208Easyjet05551200Places Available719Palma10050MAN17WMA94

ManchesterFri 12/03/20218Thomson06051230Places Available739Palma048MAN17WMAM7

ManchesterFri 19/03/20218Thomson06051230Places Available749Palma041MAN17WMAM8

ManchesterFri 23/04/20218Ryanair06201215Places Available799Palma049MAN17WMA91

ManchesterFri 23/04/20218Ryanair06201230Places Available729Palma032MAN17WMAM9

ManchesterWed 05/05/20218Easyjet05551200Places Available809Palma10046MAN17WMA92

ManchesterWed 19/05/20218Easyjet06201215Places Available829Palma10030MAN17WMA93

NewcastleThu 24/09/20208Easyjet06001220Places Available739Palma10031NCL17WMAM5

NewcastleThu 01/10/20208Easyjet06001220Last few places719Palma1005NCL17WMAM6

NewcastleThu 08/10/20208Easyjet06001220Places Available719Palma10050NCL17WMA94

NewcastleFri 12/03/20218Jet207501430Places Available739Palma048NCL17WMAM7

NewcastleFri 19/03/20218Jet207501430Places Available749Palma041NCL17WMAM8

NewcastleFri 23/04/20218Jet206501335Places Available839Palma049NCL17WMA91

NewcastleFri 23/04/20218Jet206501335Places Available769Palma032NCL17WMAM9

NewcastleWed 05/05/20218Easyjet09351555Places Available809Palma10046NCL17WMA92

NewcastleWed 19/05/20218Easyjet09351555Places Available829Palma10030NCL17WMA93

PrestwickThu 24/09/20208Ryanair16252250Places Available739Palma10031PIK17WMAM5

PrestwickThu 01/10/20208Ryanair16252250Last few places719Palma1005PIK17WMAM6

PrestwickThu 08/10/20208Ryanair16252250Places Available719Palma10050PIK17WMA94

PrestwickFri 23/04/20218Ryanair07001330Places Available799Palma049PIK17WMA91

PrestwickFri 23/04/20218Ryanair07001330Places Available729Palma032PIK17WMAM9

PrestwickWed 05/05/20218Ryanair07001325Places Available809Palma10046PIK17WMA92

PrestwickWed 19/05/20218Ryanair07001325Places Available829Palma10030PIK17WMA93

SouthendThu 24/09/20208Easyjet07201255Places Available739Palma10031SEN17WMAM5

SouthendThu 01/10/20208Easyjet07201255Last few places719Palma1005SEN17WMAM6

SouthendThu 08/10/20208Easyjet07201255Places Available719Palma10050SEN17WMA94

SouthendFri 23/04/20218Easyjet06451220Places Available799Palma049SEN17WMA91

SouthendFri 23/04/20218Easyjet06451220Places Available729Palma032SEN17WMAM9

SouthendWed 05/05/20218Easyjet10201600Places Available809Palma10046SEN17WMA92

SouthendWed 19/05/20218Easyjet06301150Places Available829Palma10030SEN17WMA93

StanstedThu 24/09/20208Ryanair13351910Places Available739Palma10031STN17WMAM5

StanstedThu 01/10/20208Ryanair13351910Last few places719Palma1005STN17WMAM6

StanstedThu 08/10/20208Ryanair13351910Places Available719Palma10050STN17WMA94

StanstedFri 12/03/20218Easyjet07001240Places Available699Palma048STN17WMAM7

StanstedFri 19/03/20218Easyjet07001240Places Available709Palma041STN17WMAM8

StanstedFri 23/04/20218Jet209552255Places Available839Palma049STN17WMA91

StanstedFri 23/04/20218Jet211501105Places Available769Palma032STN17WMAM9

StanstedWed 05/05/20218Ryanair09001440Places Available809Palma10046STN17WMA92

StanstedWed 19/05/20218Easyjet06301210Places Available829Palma10030STN17WMA93

Prices shown include carriage of one piece of hold luggage per person (maximum size and weights vary). Prices include return transfers between airport and hotel and are based on the shared occupancy of twin/double standard rooms. Please refer to 'Accommodation' for details of any room supplements (including single rooms) and extended stay costs that apply to this holiday. All flight details are provisional and subject to confirmation when known. All holidays are subject to minimum numbers and are subject to availability. Further details in our FAQ.

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This was a fabulous holiday, excellent walks, giving ideas for further exploration. The hotel is very superior and elegant, great position, lovely food and help yourself to picnic for lunch. Gorgeous beach. Can't wait to book for Autumn and Next Spring.

Mrs L, West Yorkshire

After each walk we would go into the spa and reinvigorate ourselves. The spa was excellent. We also thought the bar staff very friendly and efficient. Totally delightful. Many thanks to Kico, Julio and Hayo for making our holiday so pleasurable. Brilliant organisation, very informative and good fun!

Mrs H, Exeter

Great hotel, food and service. Interesting walks in a lovely part of Mallorca. Really appreciated learning about the history and ecology of the area from our knowledgeable walking guides. Great holiday!

Mrs H, Edinburgh

Just returned from the walking holiday in Mallorca and would like to extend our appreciation for arranging such a memorable time for us. Everything went according to plan; the weather was perfect for walking and everyone in our group got on well with each other. Bella Playa Hotel could not be better.

Mr and Mrs B, Hants

My friend and I have just returned from a terrific walking holiday in Mallorca. All arrangements went to plan and the walks were excellent and varied. The hotel facilities were very good and food was superior to comparable hotels that I have stayed in.

Mrs A, Glasgow

My sister and I have just experienced a fabulous walking holiday in Mallorca staying at the Bella Playa hotel in Cala Ratjada. It was our first walking holiday being keen walking enthusiasts living very close to our Lake District. We absolutely loved it, especially with the help of the excellent guides. We made lots of new friends. We are already talking about next year. Thinking of Cyprus this time.

Mrs W, Cumbria

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