Montserrat, Roman Tarragona & Gaudi’s Reus

8 Days from £689 | March, April, May, September, October 689

A week in a four-star hotel on the Catalan coast, with three varied and interesting excursions to show you different aspects of Catalonia from your comfortable holiday base – this is the recipe for this holiday. Catalonia has an incredibly rich variety of landscapes. As well as sandy beaches, such as the wide, sandy one in front of your hotel, there are mountains, vineyards, rivers and picturesque villages all waiting to be discovered. As is one of the world’s great cities, Barcelona – easily accessible by train, with half-hourly departures.

Extend your holiday – extra week available in Catalonia.

Montserrat, Roman Tarragona & Gaudi’s Reus

Past Customer Satisfaction Score for this holiday* - 87%
* as measured from holiday questionnaires - see FAQ for details

  • 7 nights hb on the Catalan coast, wine included with dinner
  • Three excursions: to Montserrat, to Roman Tarragona & Reus, and into the Alt Camp Countryside
  • Entrances to the Gaudi Centre, to Espluga wine cellar and to Santes Creus Monastery

Day One: Flight to Reus or Barcelona. Transfer to your hotel, just under an hour away. Seven nights half board accommodation is reserved for you.

Days Two to Seven: In resort with three included excursions.

Montserrat: just an hour away, Montserrat is one of Spain’s most spectacular sights: with its astonishing rock formations, monastery, and fabulous views of the Llobregat Valley, Montserrat has been a major destination for pilgrims through the centuries. The basilica, home of the famous ‘Black Madonna’, dates from the 16th century and (subject to confirmation) you will be able to hear the boys’ choir sing in the church. You could also go up to the nature area on the funicular railway to explore the walking trails. 110 miles today.

Roman Tarragona & Gaudi’s Reus: just 20 miles away, Tarragona was the capital of the Province of Northern Spain and home to the Emperor Augustus – a temple in his honour stood on the site of the current cathedral. You will spend the morning in the old city in the company of an expert guide, take the view from the Pretorium (entrance fee included), and see the amphitheatre, the Circus Maximus, the forum, and pretty streets and squares as you stroll through the medieval centre. You will also have free time for lunch, and to explore the market area and new Rambla area with its statue of the ‘Castell’, the ‘Human Tower’. On the return journey we will make a short detour to make a stop in Gaudi’s home city of Reus, with a visit to the Gaudi Centre where you will learn something of the great modernist architect’s work. 57 miles today.

Your third included excursion may be the one that surprises you most. You go off the beaten tourist track to visit the nearby ‘Alt Camp’ area– home to some lesser-known but no less impressive attractions – the jewel that is the medieval, walled town of Montblanc where you have a short orientation walk and free time to explore, sightsee, and have lunch; the unspoilt market town of l’Espluga de Francoli, which boasts what they call the ‘Wine Cathedral’ – the modernist building that houses the oldest wine co-operative in Catalonia; and the Cistercian Monastery of Santes Creus, one of the three great Catalan monasteries, founded in the 12th century and housing two royal tombs. 86 miles today.

Day Eight: Departure to the airport for your flight home.

Extend your holiday – extra week available in Catalonia.

A WALKING HOLIDAY is also available from this hotel. Please ask for a copy of our Walking Holidays brochure or download one at

Montserrat, Roman Tarragona & Gaudi’s Reus

Past Customer Satisfaction Score for this holiday* - 87%
* as measured from holiday questionnaires - see FAQ for details

NUBAHOTEL ****, Coma-Ruga (seven nights)
The hotel stands close to the broad sandy beach. This unspoilt resort is quiet out of season, rather busier at weekends. A reasonable selection of shops, bars and restaurants is about 10 minutes’ walk (700m) away, and the railway station with half-hourly departures to Barcelona is about 15 minutes’ walk away. In Coma-Ruga itself is Pablo Casals’ villa, now an interesting museum.  The hotel has a spa centre (a reasonable extra charge applies), restaurant, bar, lounge, and outdoor pool. Rooms, which all have balcony, also have 2 queen size beds, bathroom with hairdryer, phone, air-conditioning/heating, satellite LCD tv, and safety deposit box (charge applies). Free wifi in public areas. (www.
Past Customer Satisfaction Score for this hotel* - 78%
*as measured from holiday questionnaires - see FAQ for details
Escorted Holiday - Montserrat, Roman Tarragona & Gaudi’s Reus
Holiday code: 7RTE
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Single Room: Mar 2020 Apr 2020 Sep 2020 Oct 2020 Mar 2021 No supplement
Other Dates: £120
Travel Insurance: £59.95
Travel Insurance - Extra Week: £20
Extra week: £290
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StanstedSun 14/03/20218Ryanair09151600Places Available699Barcelona050STN17RTEG6

Prices shown include carriage of one piece of hold luggage per person (maximum size and weights vary). Prices include return transfers between airport and hotel and are based on the shared occupancy of twin/double standard rooms. Please refer to 'Accommodation' for details of any room supplements (including single rooms) and extended stay costs that apply to this holiday. All flight details are provisional and subject to confirmation when known. All holidays are subject to minimum numbers and are subject to availability. Further details in our FAQ.

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I should like to thank you so much for a great experience on the above holiday from which I returned last week. Even though I had booked at the very last minute, all the arrangements ran extremely smoothly and nothing had been overlooked. The hotel was excellent, the staff were friendly and helpful and the choice of food was excellent. Ineke and John were very efficient and, again, very helpful and friendly. the coaches and drivers were of a high standard and the excursions were excellent, mostly led by Ineke, with one led by Carlos - again, a very efficient and pleasant man, with a good sense of humour. I met some very interesting and companionable people on the holiday, which all added to its enjoyment. Thank you once again.

Ms F, Essex

Enjoyable holiday. I have stayed at hotel before.

Ms C, Cheshire

My first holiday with PTS, have enjoyed all aspects of the holiday.

Mrs G, Gloucs.

Its very reassuring to know there is someone to contact should we have any (unwanted) emergency. This is one of the reasons why we like Preferred Travel Services. Also like the way 'Different and Unusual' places are chosen. We have both thoroughly enjoyed our holiday and all our new 'experiences'. We have already enjoyed one or two previous holidays with Preferred Travel Services and everytime have been impressed with everything. Many Thanks!

Mrs C, Devon.

I wish I had booked for an additional week to do further excursions myself utilising the good connections from Coma-Ruga and also relaxing in the resort and on my sea view hotel balcony. It was so good having a proper room for a single with no supplement. The food was plentiful with lots of choice. Also nice to have the wine included with dinner. I appreciated that entrance fees were included at various sites, of course, I could have done with more time at various places - I can't get enough of medieval towns and monasteries! but that is always the case, I will just have to come again and further investigate the area (on my free days I walked along the prom to Calafell; relaxed in Coma Ruga and went to Sitges and Montblanc. Thanks for a lovely holiday.

Mrs B, Wiltshire

TD & local guide knowledge - very sound.

Ms F, Leics

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Montserrat, Roman Tarragona & Gaudi’s Reus