Seville, Mijas & Ronda

8 Days from £669 | May, June, September, March

This superb value holiday gives you the chance to relax in a pretty white-painted village overlooking the Costa del Sol and enjoy some of the wonders of Andalucia. Five nights are spent in delightful Mijas Pueblo, and two in magical Seville. In winter, spring and early summer, southern Spain is warm and sunny, though the stifling temperatures of high summer are still some time away – this is the perfect time to take in some of the remarkable sights of Andalucia.

Seville, Mijas & Ronda

Past Customer Satisfaction Score for this holiday* - 89%
* as measured from holiday questionnaires - see FAQ for details

  • 5 nights hb Mijas, 2 nights bb Seville
  • Visits to Ronda, Marbella and glitzy Puerto Banus

Day One: Flight to Malaga. On arrival transfer to your hotel in Mijas (approx. 30 minutes) for four nights half board accommodation.

Mijas: The white painted centre of Mijas still has the look of an old Andalucian village. The old village has now grown into a small town with all facilities and good transport connections. Why not stroll and enjoy the views from the Muralla Gardens at the top of the village where there are superb views over the Mediterranean, linger over a quiet drink on one of the old town squares, or browse in the artists’ studios and craft shops? The folk museum is well worth a visit as is the new Contemporary Arts Centre showcasing Picasso’s ceramics as well as some of his paintings and works by Dali, Braque and Miro.

Days Two to Four: Free in Mijas, with an included half-day excursion just down the road to see the plush resort of Marbella and the billionaire’s marina of Puerto Banus. Marbella, although one of Europe’s most chic resorts, retains an attractive 15th-century old town with narrow streets leading off its picturesque plazas. Puerto Banus, on the other hand, is unapologetically brash  – where the glitterati park their Ferraris next to their yachts and then do a little shopping in the designer stores. At least window shopping is free!

There is also the chance to join an optional excursion to the ‘British Corner’, Gibraltar, one of the ‘Pillars of Hercules’. British since 1704, ‘Gib’ has a fascinating history, to which the Siege Tunnels bear witness. The rock is home to the natural site of St Michael’s Cave, and to the Barbary apes who are the colony’s symbol of freedom. Also easily accessible is Picasso’s home city of Malaga, with an impressive new museum featuring the work of its most famous son.

Day Five: Today the transfer to Seville is just under three hours. There will be an included orientation tour of the city on arrival, with a stop in the pretty Triana district, the traditional cradle of Flamenco, prior to check-in to your hotel for two nights bed and breakfast accommodation. 146 miles today.

Seville, in a splendid location on the Guadalquivir River, is a lively city and the capital of Flamenco. Wandering through the narrow streets you will soon understand how Seville inspired Bizet’s Carmen and Mozart’s Marriage of Figaro. Be sure to sample the excellent tapas in Seville – the tour is accompanied by a bilingual Tour Director, who will assist with booking nearby reasonably priced restaurants, if required.

Day Six: There are two optional excursions during your stay in Seville. The first is a morning walking tour with a local guide, with entrance to the cathedral, Columbus’ last resting place. The other excursion features an evening trip to a Flamenco show.

Day Seven: Today you leave Seville and drive to Ronda. The spectacular 600ft deep Tajo Gorge is spanned by the spectacular Puente Nuevo (new bridge). The city’s bullring in the ‘’new’’ town is 230 years old, about the same age as the new bridge! You will have free time for sightseeing in this interesting, atmospheric and dramatic city. After lunch (not included), you continue through the scenic Sierra to Mijas for your last night’s accommodation, again on a half board basis. 140 miles today.

Day Eight: Transfer to the airport for your return flight.

Seville, Mijas & Ronda

Past Customer Satisfaction Score for this holiday* - 89%
* as measured from holiday questionnaires - see FAQ for details

HOTEL TRH ****, Mijas (first four, and last nights)
This hotel enjoys an excellent location close to town (5 minutes walk away), but set amid palms and pines in the rolling landscapes of the Sierra as well. Built in Andalucian style, the hotel has a bar, buffet restaurant, outdoor pool and spacious gardens and terraces. Rooms have bath/shower, wc, satellite TV, direct dial phone, safety deposit box, internet connection and hairdryer. Superior rooms are available at a supplement. (
Past Customer Satisfaction Score for this hotel* - 78%
*as measured from holiday questionnaires - see FAQ for details
TRYP SEVILLA MACARENA ****, Seville (two nights)
The hotel is next to the old city walls opposite the Parliament and close to the river and the historic centre. Bedrooms have bath/shower and wc, hairdryer, tv with satellite channels, free wifi, and safety deposit box. There is a restaurant and a sports-themed bar offering snacks. (
Past Customer Satisfaction Score for this hotel* - 88%
*as measured from holiday questionnaires - see FAQ for details
Escorted Holiday - Seville, Mijas & Ronda
Holiday code: 7SMR
Supplements per person:
Single Room: £150
Twin/Double Superior (Mijas Only): £25 - £30
Travel Insurance: £44.95
Supplements on some holidays vary by departure date - the applicable price will be shown when booking.

Fly FromDateDaysAirlineDep.Rtn.AvailabilityPriceFly ToSingle

AberdeenThu 10/05/20188Ryanair09250900Last few places729Malaga150 (on request)2ABZ17SMRB8

AberdeenThu 14/06/20188Ryanair09250900Places Available739Malaga15019ABZ17SMRB9

AberdeenThu 20/09/20188Ryanair09250900Places Available739Malaga15024ABZ17SMRC1

AberdeenThu 27/09/20188Ryanair09250900Places Available729Malaga15044ABZ17SMRC2

Belfast IntlThu 10/05/20188Easyjet06001255Last few places669Malaga150 (on request)2BFS17SMRB8

Belfast IntlThu 14/06/20188Easyjet06001255Places Available679Malaga15019BFS17SMRB9

Belfast IntlThu 20/09/20188Easyjet06001255Places Available679Malaga15024BFS17SMRC1

Belfast IntlThu 27/09/20188Easyjet06001255Places Available669Malaga15044BFS17SMRC2

Belfast IntlSat 16/03/20198Ryanair16402325Places Available679Malaga15049BFS17SMRC3

BirminghamThu 10/05/20188Ryanair12101845Last few places669Malaga150 (on request)2BHX17SMRB8

BirminghamThu 14/06/20188Ryanair12101845Places Available679Malaga15019BHX17SMRB9

BirminghamThu 20/09/20188Ryanair12101845Places Available679Malaga15024BHX17SMRC1

BirminghamThu 27/09/20188Ryanair12101845Places Available669Malaga15044BHX17SMRC2

BirminghamSat 16/03/20198Ryanair10351010Places Available719Malaga15049BHX17SMRC3

BristolThu 10/05/20188Easyjet06051205Last few places669Malaga150 (on request)2BRS17SMRB8

BristolThu 14/06/20188Easyjet06051205Places Available679Malaga15019BRS17SMRB9

BristolThu 20/09/20188Easyjet06051205Places Available679Malaga15024BRS17SMRC1

BristolThu 27/09/20188Easyjet06051205Places Available669Malaga15044BRS17SMRC2

BristolSat 16/03/20198Easyjet06051205Places Available679Malaga15049BRS17SMRC3

CardiffThu 10/05/20188Vueling09150835Last few places669Malaga150 (on request)2CWL17SMRB8

CardiffThu 14/06/20188Vueling09150835Places Available679Malaga15019CWL17SMRB9

CardiffThu 20/09/20188Vueling09150835Places Available679Malaga15024CWL17SMRC1

CardiffThu 27/09/20188Vueling09150835Places Available669Malaga15044CWL17SMRC2

CardiffSat 16/03/20198Vueling08500815Places Available679Malaga15049CWL17SMRC3

DublinThu 10/05/20188Ryanair07201420Last few places669Malaga150 (on request)2DUB17SMRB8

DublinThu 14/06/20188Ryanair07201420Places Available679Malaga15019DUB17SMRB9

DublinThu 20/09/20188Ryanair07201420Places Available679Malaga15024DUB17SMRC1

DublinThu 27/09/20188Ryanair07201420Places Available669Malaga15044DUB17SMRC2

DublinSat 16/03/20198Ryanair07201420Places Available679Malaga15049DUB17SMRC3

East MidlandsThu 10/05/20188Jet209151605Last few places709Malaga150 (on request)2EMA17SMRB8

East MidlandsThu 14/06/20188Jet207351425Places Available719Malaga15019EMA17SMRB9

East MidlandsThu 20/09/20188Jet207351425Places Available719Malaga15024EMA17SMRC1

East MidlandsThu 27/09/20188Jet207351425Places Available709Malaga15044EMA17SMRC2

East MidlandsSat 16/03/20198Jet207001345Places Available719Malaga15049EMA17SMRC3

EdinburghThu 10/05/20188Ryanair16402355Last few places669Malaga150 (on request)2EDI27SMRB8

EdinburghThu 14/06/20188Jet206551440Places Available719Malaga15019EDI17SMRB9

EdinburghThu 20/09/20188Jet206551440Places Available719Malaga15024EDI17SMRC1

EdinburghThu 27/09/20188Jet206551440Places Available709Malaga15044EDI17SMRC2

ExeterThu 10/05/20188Flybe06002320Last few places709Malaga150 (on request)2EXT17SMRB8

ExeterThu 14/06/20188Flybe07252340Places Available719Malaga15019EXT17SMRB9

ExeterThu 20/09/20188Flybe07252340Places Available719Malaga15024EXT17SMRC1

ExeterThu 27/09/20188Flybe07252340Places Available709Malaga15044EXT17SMRC2

GlasgowThu 10/05/20188Ryanair06151320Last few places669Malaga150 (on request)2GLA27SMRB8

GlasgowThu 14/06/20188Easyjet16550010Places Available679Malaga15019GLA17SMRB9

GlasgowThu 20/09/20188Easyjet16550010Places Available679Malaga15024GLA17SMRC1

GlasgowThu 27/09/20188Easyjet16550010Places Available669Malaga15044GLA17SMRC2

Leeds-BradfordThu 10/05/20188Jet209351650Last few places709Malaga150 (on request)2LBA17SMRB8

Leeds-BradfordThu 14/06/20188Jet207002355Places Available719Malaga15019LBA17SMRB9

Leeds-BradfordThu 20/09/20188Jet207001415Places Available719Malaga15024LBA17SMRC1

Leeds-BradfordThu 27/09/20188Jet207001415Places Available709Malaga15044LBA17SMRC2

Leeds-BradfordSat 16/03/20198Jet210001710Places Available719Malaga15049LBA17SMRC3

LiverpoolThu 10/05/20188Easyjet06001230Last few places669Malaga150 (on request)2LPL17SMRB8

LiverpoolThu 14/06/20188Easyjet06001230Places Available679Malaga15019LPL17SMRB9

LiverpoolThu 20/09/20188Easyjet06001230Places Available679Malaga15024LPL17SMRC1

LiverpoolThu 27/09/20188Easyjet06001230Places Available669Malaga15044LPL17SMRC2

LiverpoolSat 16/03/20198Easyjet06301310Places Available679Malaga15049LPL17SMRC3

London GatwickThu 10/05/20188Easyjet12151845Last few places669Malaga150 (on request)2LGW17SMRB8

London GatwickThu 14/06/20188Easyjet12151845Places Available679Malaga15019LGW17SMRB9

London GatwickThu 20/09/20188Easyjet12151845Places Available679Malaga15024LGW17SMRC1

London GatwickThu 27/09/20188Easyjet12151845Places Available669Malaga15044LGW17SMRC2

London GatwickSat 16/03/20198Easyjet09301555Places Available679Malaga15049LGW17SMRC3

LutonThu 10/05/20188Easyjet12551910Last few places669Malaga150 (on request)2LTN17SMRB8

LutonThu 14/06/20188Easyjet12551910Places Available679Malaga15019LTN17SMRB9

LutonThu 20/09/20188Easyjet12551910Places Available679Malaga15024LTN17SMRC1

LutonThu 27/09/20188Easyjet12551910Places Available669Malaga15044LTN17SMRC2

LutonSat 16/03/20198Easyjet14301420Places Available679Malaga15049LTN17SMRC3

ManchesterThu 10/05/20188Easyjet06101255Last few places669Malaga150 (on request)2MAN17SMRB8

ManchesterThu 14/06/20188Easyjet06101255Places Available679Malaga15019MAN17SMRB9

ManchesterThu 20/09/20188Easyjet06101255Places Available679Malaga15024MAN17SMRC1

ManchesterThu 27/09/20188Easyjet06101255Places Available669Malaga15044MAN17SMRC2

ManchesterSat 16/03/20198Easyjet07051355Places Available679Malaga15049MAN17SMRC3

NewcastleThu 10/05/20188Easyjet07001405Last few places669Malaga150 (on request)2NCL17SMRB8

NewcastleThu 14/06/20188Easyjet07001405Places Available679Malaga15019NCL17SMRB9

NewcastleThu 20/09/20188Easyjet07001405Places Available679Malaga15024NCL17SMRC1

NewcastleThu 27/09/20188Easyjet07001405Places Available669Malaga15044NCL17SMRC2

NewcastleSat 16/03/20198Easyjet06351345Places Available679Malaga15049NCL17SMRC3

PrestwickThu 10/05/20188Ryanair07001405Last few places669Malaga150 (on request)2PIK17SMRB8

PrestwickThu 14/06/20188Ryanair07001405Places Available679Malaga15019PIK17SMRB9

PrestwickThu 20/09/20188Ryanair07001405Places Available679Malaga15024PIK17SMRC1

PrestwickThu 27/09/20188Ryanair07001405Places Available669Malaga15044PIK17SMRC2

SouthendThu 10/05/20188Easyjet16452300Last few places669Malaga150 (on request)2SEN17SMRB8

SouthendThu 14/06/20188Easyjet16452300Places Available679Malaga15019SEN17SMRB9

SouthendThu 20/09/20188Easyjet16452300Places Available679Malaga15024SEN17SMRC1

SouthendThu 27/09/20188Easyjet16452300Places Available669Malaga15044SEN17SMRC2

StanstedThu 10/05/20188Easyjet06051230Last few places669Malaga150 (on request)2STN17SMRB8

StanstedThu 14/06/20188Easyjet06051230Places Available679Malaga15019STN17SMRB9

StanstedThu 20/09/20188Easyjet06051230Places Available679Malaga15024STN17SMRC1

StanstedThu 27/09/20188Easyjet06051230Places Available669Malaga15044STN17SMRC2

StanstedSat 16/03/20198Easyjet06051230Places Available679Malaga15049STN17SMRC3

Prices shown are based on the shared occupancy of twin/double standard rooms, and are subject to availability. Please refer to ‘Accommodation’ for details of any room supplements (including single rooms) and extended stay costs that apply to this holiday. Further details in our FAQ.

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Our holiday was as well organised and enjoyable as we have come to expect over many years of travelling with Preferred Travel Services.

Mr & Mrs A, Scotland

Another excellent holiday with Preferred Travel. Manuel always pleasant and excellent guide. Looking forward to more holidays with you.

Mrs C, West Yorkshire

Excellent holiday all round. No complaints at all and would book a holiday with Preferred Travel Services again.

Mr & Mrs O, Cardiff

Just returned from a delightful holiday to Seville, Mijas and Ronda – the best I have ever had! From the organisation to the excursions and the services of our Tour Guide everything was excellent.

Mrs M, Glasgow

Our Tour Director has been a fountain of knowledge from the moment she met us at the airport. Clear instructions for each part of the tour and making sure we all knew what we were doing. She has done everything in her power to make our holiday enjoyable. A first class holiday we would recommend to our friends.

Mrs K, Glasgow

We did really enjoy our holiday in Mijas, Seville and Ronda. Met very nice people, enjoyed the tours. Our coach driver was so cautious and careful and our guide was so good at seeing to us all and solving visitors problems. This is our second time with Preferred Travel and we would use the company again with confidence.

Anon - no name given on questionnaire

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