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There are a host of reasons for visiting Tenerife – the largest of the Canaries, which the classicists rightly called ‘the Fortunate Isles’. Fortunate, too, in having such a wonderful winter and spring climate for visitors from the freezing north! An island of contrasts – miles of sun-drenched coastline surround Spain’s highest mountain, Mount Teide. Often snow-capped, the desolate volcanic slopes of Teide are a world away from the tropical vegetation of the banana plantations and the botanic gardens below. You stay in the north part of the island where the traditional villages, the UNESCO-listed university town of La Laguna and historic Puerto de la Cruz are totally different in feel to the commercialised resorts of the south.

Extend your holiday – extra week available in Tenerife.


Past Customer Satisfaction Score for this holiday* - 85%
* as measured from holiday questionnaires - see FAQ for details

  • 7 nights hb on Tenerife
  • Three walking excursions in very different areas of the island

DAY ONE: Flight to Tenerife Sur Reina Sofia Airport. Transfer to your hotel (about one hour away) for seven nights half board accommodation.

DAYS TWO TO SEVEN: In resort with three included walking excursions in different parts of the island. Transfer times to the start of each walk is about one hour. On Walk 1 there is normally a stop at the Teide National Park Visitor’s Centre before the walk.

Walk 1: Mount Teide. A full day excursion onto Mount Teide, with 3-4 hours walking on the mountain slopes (breathtaking views), and time to sightsee as well. A reasonably level route will be chosen by your walking guides, according to the weather on the day. Total distance 5-6 miles, reasonably level but at an altitude of around 8000ft.

Walk 2: Anaga. Your second excursion is to the north-east of the island, for a walk in the Rural Park of Anaga, an area of volcanic cliffs and Laurisilva forests rich in wildlife. Total distance 4.4 miles, with climbs of approx 300m.

Walk 3: Teno. The final included excursion is a full day trip to the extreme north-west of the island, where the Teno area lies, by- passed by the traffic and seemingly by time itself. You walk in the hills above Garachico, whose harbour was filled in by a lava flow in the 18th century. This is a full day excursion, with 3-4 hours walking and time for other exploring, too. Total distance 5 miles with climbs of approx 350m.

Apart from your three included excursions, you are free to relax and enjoy the extensive facilities of your hotel, or to explore Tenerife, either independently or on an optional excursion, as you prefer.

DAY EIGHT: Free time until your transfer to the airport for your return flight.

Extend your holiday – extra week’s stay available in resort.

If you have friends who are not walkers interested in this itinerary, we also offer it with a touring programme.



Past Customer Satisfaction Score for this holiday* - 85%
* as measured from holiday questionnaires - see FAQ for details

HOTEL BLUE SEA COSTA JARDIN & SPA ****, Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife (seven nights)
Previously called Diverhotel Tenerife Spa & Garden. the hotel stands on the edge of Puerto de la Cruz, a 25 minute walk to the seaside promenade (free courtesy bus 6 days a week during the day).There are views to Mount Teide, the sea, and the Orotava valley from the hotel’s extensive tropical gardens (1500sqm). Rooms have bath/shower, wc, hairdryer, satellite tv, safety deposit box (charge applies), minibar, and balcony or terrace. There is an outdoor pool, spa (charges apply), poolside bar, entertainment programme, buffet restaurant, and lounge area (limited free wifi). Prices are based on standard rooms. Rooms with a view of Mount Teide are available at a supplement.  (www.blueseahotels.com/en)
Past Customer Satisfaction Score for this hotel* - 77%
*as measured from holiday questionnaires - see FAQ for details
Walking Holiday - Tenerife
Holiday code: 7WTE
Supplements per person:
Single Room: £140
Mount Teide View Twin/Double Room: £70
Travel Insurance: £59.95
Travel Insurance - Extra Week: £20
Extra week: £290 - £310
Supplements on some holidays vary by departure date - the applicable price will be shown when booking.

Fly FromDateDaysAirlineDep.Rtn.AvailabilityPriceFly ToSingle

AberdeenSun 23/02/20208Thomson14101310Places Available929Tenerife14037ABZ17WTEG5

AberdeenSun 08/03/20208Thomson14101310Places Available939Tenerife14015ABZ17WTEG6

AberdeenSun 28/02/20218Thomson13501250Places Available939Tenerife14050ABZ17WTEG8

AberdeenSun 07/03/20218Thomson13501250Places Available949Tenerife14050ABZ17WTEG9

Belfast IntlMon 09/03/20208Jet208301835Places Available859Tenerife14015BFS17WTEG6

Belfast IntlFri 06/11/20208Jet208301835Places Available839Tenerife14050BFS17WTEG7

BirminghamSun 23/02/20208Ryanair06051540Places Available809Tenerife14037BHX17WTEG5

BirminghamSun 08/03/20208Ryanair06051540Places Available819Tenerife14015BHX17WTEG6

BirminghamFri 06/11/20208Jet213102035Places Available839Tenerife14050BHX17WTEG7

BirminghamSun 28/02/20218Ryanair06051540Places Available819Tenerife14050BHX17WTEG8

BirminghamSun 07/03/20218Ryanair06051540Places Available829Tenerife14050BHX17WTEG9

BournemouthSat 07/11/20208Ryanair09001830Places Available799Tenerife14050BOH17WTEG7

BristolMon 09/03/20208Easyjet13352245Places Available819Tenerife14015BRS17WTEG6

BristolFri 06/11/20208Thomson11052050Places Available839Tenerife14050BRS17WTEG7

BristolMon 01/03/20218Easyjet13352245Places Available819Tenerife14050BRS17WTEG8

BristolMon 08/03/20218Easyjet13352245Places Available829Tenerife14050BRS17WTEG9

CardiffMon 09/03/20208Thomson14401335Places Available859Tenerife14015CWL17WTEG6

CardiffFri 06/11/20208Thomson10301955Places Available839Tenerife14050CWL17WTEG7

CardiffMon 01/03/20218Thomson14401335Places Available859Tenerife14050CWL17WTEG8

CardiffMon 08/03/20218Thomson14401335Places Available869Tenerife14050CWL17WTEG9

Doncaster ShefMon 09/03/20208Thomson08301830Places Available859Tenerife14015DSA17WTEG6

Doncaster ShefFri 06/11/20208Thomson10002000Places Available839Tenerife14050DSA17WTEG7

Doncaster ShefMon 01/03/20218Thomson08301830Places Available859Tenerife14050DSA17WTEG8

Doncaster ShefMon 08/03/20218Thomson08301830Places Available869Tenerife14050DSA17WTEG9

DublinSun 23/02/20208Ryanair07251650Places Available809Tenerife14037DUB17WTEG5

DublinSun 08/03/20208Ryanair07251650Places Available819Tenerife14015DUB17WTEG6

DublinFri 06/11/20208Ryanair14202345Places Available799Tenerife14050DUB17WTEG7

DublinSun 28/02/20218Ryanair07251650Places Available819Tenerife14050DUB17WTEG8

DublinSun 07/03/20218Ryanair07251650Places Available829Tenerife14050DUB17WTEG9

East MidlandsSun 23/02/20208Jet211002100Places Available849Tenerife14037EMA17WTEG5

East MidlandsSun 08/03/20208Jet211002100Places Available859Tenerife14015EMA17WTEG6

East MidlandsFri 06/11/20208Ryanair13352305Places Available799Tenerife14050EMA17WTEG7

East MidlandsSun 28/02/20218Jet211002100Places Available859Tenerife14050EMA17WTEG8

East MidlandsSun 07/03/20218Jet211002100Places Available869Tenerife14050EMA17WTEG9

EdinburghSun 23/02/20208Jet210202105Places Available849Tenerife14037EDI17WTEG5

EdinburghSun 08/03/20208Jet210202105Places Available859Tenerife14015EDI17WTEG6

EdinburghFri 06/11/20208Easyjet13102325Places Available799Tenerife14050EDI17WTEG7

EdinburghSun 28/02/20218Jet210202105Places Available859Tenerife14050EDI17WTEG8

EdinburghSun 07/03/20218Jet210202105Places Available869Tenerife14050EDI17WTEG9

ExeterFri 06/11/20208Thomson07251645Places Available839Tenerife14050EXT17WTEG7

GlasgowSun 23/02/20208Jet208451915Places Available849Tenerife14037GLA17WTEG5

GlasgowSun 08/03/20208Jet208451915Places Available859Tenerife14015GLA17WTEG6

GlasgowFri 06/11/20208Jet208401915Places Available839Tenerife14050GLA17WTEG7

GlasgowSun 28/02/20218Jet208451915Places Available859Tenerife14050GLA17WTEG8

GlasgowSun 07/03/20218Jet208451915Places Available869Tenerife14050GLA17WTEG9

Leeds-BradfordSun 23/02/20208Jet208201855Places Available849Tenerife14037LBA17WTEG5

Leeds-BradfordSun 08/03/20208Jet208201855Places Available859Tenerife14015LBA17WTEG6

Leeds-BradfordFri 06/11/20208Jet214451855Places Available839Tenerife14050LBA17WTEG7

Leeds-BradfordSun 28/02/20218Jet208201855Places Available859Tenerife14050LBA17WTEG8

Leeds-BradfordSun 07/03/20218Jet208201855Places Available869Tenerife14050LBA17WTEG9

London GatwickSun 23/02/20208Thomson13252305Places Available849Tenerife14037LGW17WTEG5

London GatwickSun 08/03/20208Thomson13252305Places Available859Tenerife14015LGW17WTEG6

London GatwickFri 06/11/20208Easyjet08001750Places Available799Tenerife14050LGW17WTEG7

London GatwickSun 28/02/20218Thomson13252305Places Available859Tenerife14050LGW17WTEG8

London GatwickSun 07/03/20218Thomson13252305Places Available869Tenerife14050LGW17WTEG9

LutonSun 23/02/20208Ryanair06401610Places Available809Tenerife14037LTN17WTEG5

LutonSun 08/03/20208Ryanair06401610Places Available819Tenerife14015LTN17WTEG6

LutonSat 07/11/20208Easyjet12302210Places Available799Tenerife14050LTN17WTEG7

LutonSun 28/02/20218Ryanair06401610Places Available819Tenerife14050LTN17WTEG8

LutonSun 07/03/20218Ryanair06401610Places Available829Tenerife14050LTN17WTEG9

ManchesterSun 23/02/20208Ryanair06351620Places Available809Tenerife14037MAN17WTEG5

ManchesterSun 08/03/20208Ryanair06351620Places Available819Tenerife14015MAN17WTEG6

ManchesterFri 06/11/20208Easyjet12451710Places Available799Tenerife14050MAN17WTEG7

ManchesterSun 28/02/20218Ryanair06351620Places Available819Tenerife14050MAN17WTEG8

ManchesterSun 07/03/20218Ryanair06351620Places Available829Tenerife14050MAN17WTEG9

NewcastleSun 23/02/20208Jet209001935Places Available849Tenerife14037NCL17WTEG5

NewcastleSun 08/03/20208Jet209001935Places Available859Tenerife14015NCL17WTEG6

NewcastleFri 06/11/20208Jet209001935Places Available839Tenerife14050NCL17WTEG7

NewcastleSun 28/02/20218Jet209001935Places Available859Tenerife14050NCL17WTEG8

NewcastleSun 07/03/20218Jet209001935Places Available869Tenerife14050NCL17WTEG9

PrestwickMon 09/03/20208Ryanair14052359Places Available819Tenerife14015PIK17WTEG6

PrestwickFri 06/11/20208Ryanair13552350Places Available799Tenerife14050PIK17WTEG7

PrestwickMon 01/03/20218Ryanair14052359Places Available819Tenerife14050PIK17WTEG8

PrestwickMon 08/03/20218Ryanair14052359Places Available829Tenerife14050PIK17WTEG9

SouthendSat 07/11/20208Easyjet11352125Places Available799Tenerife14050SEN17WTEG7

StanstedSun 23/02/20208Jet209502005Places Available849Tenerife14037STN17WTEG5

StanstedSun 08/03/20208Jet209502005Places Available859Tenerife14015STN17WTEG6

StanstedFri 06/11/20208Ryanair06151555Places Available799Tenerife14050STN17WTEG7

StanstedSun 28/02/20218Jet209502005Places Available859Tenerife14050STN17WTEG8

StanstedSun 07/03/20218Jet209502005Places Available869Tenerife14050STN17WTEG9

Prices shown include carriage of one piece of hold luggage per person (maximum size and weights vary). Prices include return transfers between airport and hotel and are based on the shared occupancy of twin/double standard rooms. Please refer to 'Accommodation' for details of any room supplements (including single rooms) and extended stay costs that apply to this holiday. All flight details are provisional and subject to confirmation when known. All holidays are subject to minimum numbers and are subject to availability. Further details in our FAQ.

Data as at 18/01/2020 at 8:47:06

We thoroughly enjoyed our holiday and, as usual, everything was to a very high standard. North Tenerife was a revelation, having been in the South. The Coach Driver, Walking Guides, Walks and Preferred Travel Services Tour Director were particularly excellent! Holiday was 100% perfect. All Guides and Representative were very helpful and considerate. This is our fourth Walking Holiday with Preferred Travel and we continue to recommend you to our friends.

Miss K, Co. Antrim

Who knew that Tenerife had such fantastic walking! The 3 walks were very different and all were spectacular. Nauzet & Concha were excellent guides and could not have been more helpful. Thanks to all.

Mr & Mrs B, Edinburgh

Another most excellent week in the care of your company! This is the second holiday I have had with you and certainly hope it will not be my last. This was the first walking holiday I have ever done and was a little bit apprehensive about it, but I needn’t have been. The utmost care was taken by your local representative to ensure that all of us who were less sure or slightly less competent were able to enjoy ourselves every bit as much as those who were full of experience and fitness! The hotel was excellent beautifully sited with marvellous views and spacious rooms. Excellent food and all staff tried tremendously hard to make our stay enjoyable. Thanks to your rep, whose untiring efforts to look after us and ensure we all had a good time were absolutely marvellous. Looking forward to selecting my next trip!

Mr W, Cheshire

Great weather, great walks with excellent guides. Good company and very helpful representative. Hotel gardens were very nice too.

Mr & Mrs McL, Aberdeenshire

My second walking holiday with Preferred Travel Services in Tenerife and had just as wonderful a holiday as before despite the clouds, mist and rain. Delighted to have Concha as our rep again and Nauzet and Joanna as excellent local guides - very informative and caring. I think this group of walkers was the best group I have been with. Many thanks.

Mr & Mrs G,, Tyne & Wear

A well organised holiday that achieved all that we hoped for. Your representative was efficient, friendly and informative, responding with a wealth of knowledge to any questions. She was sympathetic and unobtrusively in control thereby making the walks run smoothly. Hotel accommodation was very good, meals and service excellent, weather mostly kind which resulted in a very enjoyable break from the harsh winter already experienced back in Britain. This is our third walking holiday with Preferred Travel Services and undoubtedly will not be the last.

Mr & Mrs M, Swansea

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