The Costa Blanca, Valencia & Guadalest

8 Days from £729 | March, May, September, November 729

The popular Costa Blanca resort of Calpe has a bit of everything – beautiful beaches, a lively and picturesque old town, stunning scenery in the shape of the immense Rock of Ifach and varied wildlife, both on the Rock and on the saltpans. Inland from Calpe, the mountainous countryside is spectacular and gentle at the same time and contains the spectacular, historic village of Guadalest and the medieval city of Alcoy. Thriving Valencia is Spain’s third city, behind Madrid and Barcelona, but is at least their equal in terms of history and cultural diversity.

The Costa Blanca, Valencia & Guadalest

Past Customer Satisfaction Score for this holiday* - 91%
* as measured from holiday questionnaires - see FAQ for details

  • 7 nights hb in Calpe
  • Free spa circuit in the hotel
  • Three excursions: to Valencia, to Guadadalest and Alcoy, and to Denia

Day One: Flight to Alicante, transfer to your hotel (one hour depending on traffic) for seven nights half board accommodation.

Days Two to Seven: In Calpe. Your hotel is situated in the Levante Beach area from where it is a pleasant stroll along the beach and promenade to the Rock of Ifach, the working harbour or a longer walk up to the picturesque old quarter. The Rock of Ifach rises Gibraltar-like 1,100ft from the sea and is a haven for wildlife. A marked trail through and around the Rock will take about 2 ½ hours to complete. As well as the old quarter you should visit the Roman Queen’s Baths and the old walls built to protect Calpe from pirates.

There are three included excursions during your stay in Calpe.

Serra Aitana Hills, Guadalest and Alcoy. This drive is as scenic as you will find anywhere in Spain. You pass through lemon groves and vast swathes of fine netting which cover the hillsides, underneath which are ‘nispero’ trees whose sweet fruit is protected from the winter hailstorms in the mountains. The mountains themselves are a haven for wildlife including wild cats and genets, badgers and weasels and even golden eagles. Guadalest, an ancient Moorish stronghold, is in a spectacular setting with fantastic views from the remains of the Muslim fortress. Further along the valley is the town of Alcoy where five rivers meet. Around the Plaza de Espana is the medieval quarter but you’ll also find a modernist and industrial heritage in the town. 95 miles today.

Valencia. 75 motorway miles from Calpe is the historic, but also trendy city of Valencia. Valencia’s historic buildings cluster around the 14th-century cathedral in the Plaza de la Reina. Your search for the Holy Grail is over – the gold chalice is in the cathedral museum! A short walk away is the so-called ‘real’ Valencia in the Barrio del Carmen where you’ll find a host of cafes, bars and restaurants in the captivating narrow streets. The Central Market, one of the oldest food markets in Europe, houses a thousand stalls under its decorated iron and glass dome. Food is very important in Valencia, the home of paella, and you should find time to call in at one of the ‘horchaterias’ and sip on a nutty ‘milkshake’.

Denia.  On this pleasant half-day trip to Denia, you can stroll down the tree-lined Avenida del Marques de Campo, walk up to the castle or down to the harbour and snack on some famous Denia gambas.

Day Eight: Free time until departure for the airport and your flight home.

A WALKING HOLIDAY is also available from this hotel. Please ask for a copy of our Walking Holidays brochure or download one at

The Costa Blanca, Valencia & Guadalest

Past Customer Satisfaction Score for this holiday* - 91%
* as measured from holiday questionnaires - see FAQ for details

DIAMANTE BEACH HOTEL ****, Calpe (seven nights)
The hotel is located just a few metres from the Levante Beach promenade. The hotel’s modern style is characterised by its spectacular glass façade. Rooms are equipped with a full bathroom with hairdryer, air-conditioning, safety deposit box, mini-bar, telephone, satellite tv, wifi and internet connection, and large balcony. There are three outdoor pools, cafeteria, piano bar, and the Mediterranean cuisine buffet restaurant with “Show Cooking”. The spa centre offers a large heated pool with a vast range of spa amenities. Our guests receive one free circuit of the spa consisting of 16 elements including hydromassage, turkish bath, ice fountain, thermal bath, jacuzzi, sauna and 5 different sorts of shower. (www.diamantebeach. com)
Past Customer Satisfaction Score for this hotel* - 91%
*as measured from holiday questionnaires - see FAQ for details
Escorted Holiday - The Costa Blanca, Valencia & Guadalest
Holiday code: 7BCP
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Single Room: Nov 2019 No supplement
Other Dates: £110
Travel Insurance: £44.95
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Most enjoyable holiday, well prepared and directed by all members of Preferred Travel Services. Guillaume was a first-class and ever-present representative and guide and deserves special mention.

Mr B, Aberdeen

Enjoyed our holiday in the Diamante Beach Hotel in Calpe. Everything lovely, food, rooms and service.

Mrs D, Carmarthen

Very enjoyable holiday. We found the balance of free days and excursions about right.

Mr & Mrs T, Wiltshire

The local guides imparted lots of information with considerable good humour. All 3 spoke excellent English. Thank you to all your staff, we will no doubt travel with you again in future.

Mrs T, Wiltshire

Gloria, our guide, was excellent, as usual. Hotel food generally, excellent. The holiday overall was even better than expected. This was our seventh holiday with Preferred Travel Services.

Mr R, Aberdeenshire

Hotel good in all respects and the staff friendly and helpful.

Mr T, Wilts.

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The Costa Blanca, Valencia & Guadalest