The Sierra de Mijas

8 Days from £699 | November, February, March 699

We always try to combine great walking with interesting holiday destinations which are well worth a visit in their own right and Mijas ticks all the boxes. Roman, Visigothic and later Moorish, the white painted centre of Mijas Pueblo still has the look of an old Andalucian village, set amid the impressive landscapes of the Sierra, which are rich in vegetation: only a quarter of an hour’s drive from the commercial excesses of the coast, but light years away in atmosphere. The marble and limestone Sierra de Mijas is crossed with mountain valleys and has a variety of well-maintained paths and routes of varying difficulty.

The Sierra de Mijas

Past Customer Satisfaction Score for this holiday* - 90%
* as measured from holiday questionnaires - see FAQ for details

  • 7 nights hb in white-painted Mijas
  • Cable car ride
  • 3 included walking excursions

Day One: Flight to Malaga, transfer to Mijas (30 minutes) and your hotel for seven nights half board accommodation.

Days Two to Seven: At leisure in Mijas, with three included walking excursions.

Walk 1: Mijas and the Sierra. 5 miles, 400m of ascent/descent. Your first walk starts and finishes at the hotel: the first section will introduce you to Mijas itself,  with its narrow alleys, broad squares, and ‘Camino del Calvario’, a pilgrims’ path of the Way of the Cross up to the Hermitage (built in 1710 as a refuge for Carmelite monks), on the side of the Sierra from where there are superb views over the coast. Your route goes to the Mission Cross and through an abandoned marble quarry. The landscape varies as you go, offering firstly herbs and lavender, and then eucalyptus and pines. You re-enter Mijas, and head through the town towards the hotel: perhaps stopping for refreshment first!

Walk 2: The North side of the Sierra, near Alhaurin el Grande. Short (20 minutes)  transfer around the edge of the Sierra. This walk involves beautiful glens and stunning vistas. The full walk is 7 miles, 675m of ascent/descent, with some steep sections, but an easier version encompassing part of the route will also be available.

Walk 3: Calamorro and the old path to Mijas. 5 miles, 500m ascent (descent by cable car). 20-minute transfer to start your walk near Benalmadena Pueblo, a pretty town in the hills as opposed to the sprawling resort of Benalmadena Costa below. The trail follows a ridge – on a clear day you can see Gibraltar and Africa! Your destination is Calamorro, from where the cable car whisks you 3km back down the mountain to ‘civilisation’! At the bottom there will be a further short, level walk (approx 30 minutes).

There is plenty to do in your free time. As well as a very pretty old centre where it is a pleasure to stroll and relax, Mijas has a folk museum and a newly-opened Contemporary Arts Centre. The prime focus of the museum is Picasso’s ceramic works of which 41 are on display, as well as some of his paintings and others by Dali and Miro. Picasso was born just down the road in Malaga which also has a fine museum displaying his paintings. Malaga is easily accessible on public transport. Or you could spend a day at the seaside in nearby Fuengirola. There may also be an optional excursion to Rock of Gibraltar.

Day Eight: Free time until departure for Malaga airport.

The Sierra de Mijas

Past Customer Satisfaction Score for this holiday* - 90%
* as measured from holiday questionnaires - see FAQ for details

Hotel TRH****, Mijas (seven nights)
The hotel enjoys an excellent location close to town (an uphill 5-minute walk away), but set amid palms and pines in the rolling landscapes of the Sierra as well. Built in Andalucian style, the hotel has a bar, buffet restaurant, outdoor pool (not heated) and spacious gardens and terraces. Rooms have bath/shower, wc, satelliteTV, direct dial phone, safety deposit box (charge applies), internet connection and hairdryer. Superior rooms are available at a supplement. (
Past Customer Satisfaction Score for this hotel* - 83%
*as measured from holiday questionnaires - see FAQ for details
Walking Holiday - The Sierra de Mijas
Holiday code: 7WDE
Supplements per person:
Single Room: £120
Superior Twin/Double Room: £35
Travel Insurance: £59.95
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A very good walking holiday - as I now expect from PTS!

Miss M, Stirling

Excellent value for money. Overall very enjoyable and we will continue to use PTS.

Mr S, Bristol

Good hotel with a very good location i.e. in a pretty, interesting town and very close to mountain walking. Walking alone or with a few others was possible.

Mr M, Bristol

We have been on four previous walking holidays with PTS so we are pretty familiar with the routine. Generally speaking the holiday followed the normal format. The hotel was fine, the resort Mijas was an attractive Spanish town and the walks were excellent.

Mr C, Lincoln

Lovely view from hotel and plenty of lounge space and lovely pool and poolside café. Bus service excellent and cheap.

Mrs F, Sussex

Overall excellent holiday. Well organised from the start and whilst in resort.

Ms B, Hull

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The Sierra de Mijas